Suratgarh Public School has initiated its journey on 13 March 2013 with a mission to provide excellent education to empower each student and fulfill their dreams. The school started off with 250 students and has almost 800 students this year. Truly this shows the dedication and passion of the school to enhance every child's life which has rewarded them with this success. 

Inspired by the SPS motto “Skill Your Child”, Suratgarh Public School endeavours to train students to face the challenges in our modern society. We aim at teaching students to uphold the values of justice, equality, fraternity and respect among all.Suratgarh Public School intends not only to provide quality education but also to provide an ambience where freedom of conscience and religious feelings of all students are respected so that students passing out from the school can become assets of the society. Our aim is not simply to teach and develop good professionals but also to draw out the best in every student. 

At SPS we have the strong association with the goals defined. "Our journey started with a single step but we promise to cover miles."




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